Adopt Your Española Giant Tortoise


Species : Española Giant Tortoise
Conservation Status : Critically Endangered
Age : Array
Hatched : Dec 10, 2020
Adoption Fee : $3897.00
Location : Santa Cruz Breeding Center
Weight : 1.1 lbs
Length : 6.6 inches
Width : 7.2 inches

In the 1960s, the population of Española tortoises declined to only 15 individuals. But thanks to incredible conservation efforts by Galápagos Conservancy, the Galápagos National Park Directorate, and other partners to remove invasive goats, end tortoise hunting, and captively raise young tortoises, 3,000 tortoises now roam freely on Española. In 2020, the original 15 Española Giant Tortoises were returned back home to the island after bringing  their species back from the brink of extinction.

Española Tortoises are known for their saddleback shells which are typical of tortoises  that live in arid habitats. These tortoises depend heavily on the Opuntia cactus for food, water, calcium to grow their shells, and especially shade during the hot season. Española giant tortoises are the smallest of the saddleback Galápagos Giant Tortoise species. Another key characteristic of Española Tortoises is their yellow chin and throat.

By adopting an Española Giant Tortoise, you are participating in one of the most successful conservation efforts the world has ever known. Your adoption will rewild the entire island, since Española Giant Tortoises are known to shape their ecosystems and build habitat for other species, such as the Waved Albatross.

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I'm very interested in this fascinating world that surrounds me — and really can't be bothered with interruptions. Ta-ta!

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*When you adopt a Giant Tortoise, you are sponsoring their care in the Breeding Center. Giant Tortoises will stay under the care of the Galápagos National Park until released to the wild.
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